The People You Meet

On Sunday (8/28) I arrived at the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem for a few days in the center of the city.  One of the things I love best about this hostel are the many different people I have met.  Many have heard my story of staying here in Jan 2015 and meeting Alex Gould, more commonly known as the original Nemo or Shane from Weeds, while hanging with a large group of people as Jerusalem underwent a “Large Snowstorm”.  This time, while I have yet to meet anyone famous, there were 4 people who all checked into my dorm room Tuesday morning.  As they all arrived at different times, we began introducing ourselves and telling where we are from.  It is incredible to me, that in a 10 bed dorm, there were two people from Rio, a woman from the UK, a woman from Holland, a guy rom Hawaii and a guy from Alaska, and yet I am the only Jewish person (in Israel, that’s not very common!).

Last night, around 8 pm, we all decided to go hang out in the lounge and get drinks at the hostel bar where we joined by an Israeli studying at Hebrew University, and a guy visiting from Germany.  Naturally, as I am from the US, many of the questions I got ask were about our ridiculous politics and how anyone outside of the US truly feel that this year’s election is purely entertainment for them.  Every time someone new sat down to join in our conversation, the first question people always asked was “Trump or Hilary?” while laughing at how funny the whole situation is.  I may not be a huge fan of any of the candidates, but even Europeans can see that overall, this election is a complete joke.  

Once the lounge closed at midnight, the Israeli, the Brazilians, the English woman, and I decided to go to the shuk (the market).  During the day the shuk is filled with vendors selling amazing produce, cheeses, meat, fish, ect., at night, it turns into a huge alley of bars and dancing.  While it was only a Tuesday night, so not the biggest night for Israeli’s to go out, there were still hundreds of people going from bar to bar and dancing the whole way!

The English woman and I became friends throughout the night.  Today, I will be ruining her life completely when we venture back to the shuk so I can show her a restaurant that serves oven roasted eggplant with tahini and falafel and to Marzipan bakery so she can buy her own box of rugalach (she tasted mine yesterday!)!  We also realized we are both on the same shuttle Thursday morning back to Tel Aviv, and will both be staying at the same hostel.  We are planning to head to the beach to hang out some more before she has to catch a 6 AM flight back to London on Friday morning.  One day, she has hopes to become a traveling nurse in the US, so maybe our paths will cross again in the future!


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